Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working on the Blazer

Last night I got home from work and went to work on the Blazer. I was going to get the hubs changed out so it will be ready to take camping this weekend. We started out by taking the tire off. That was pretty easy since I had gotten an air wratchet for christmas last year. We disconnected the brakes to get down to the rotor. Unfortunately, the part that held the brakes in place had stubborn bolts that we could not break. We took off to Lowe's to buy a couple of pipes for 7.00 a piece to use as breaker bars. One was for Mizike and one for me. Neither of us wanted to be without them again. We broke the bolts loose right away and were down to the rotors.

We tried to bang on the back of the rotor with a hammer but it was rusted to the hub. We decided to go ahead and buy new rotors while we had it all torn apart. I wrenched the bolts out of the back of the hub assembly then we headed to Advance Auto parts as they are the lowest price parts store in town. They had a set of rotors for 48.00. That was pretty exciting. We got home and the rotors were not quite the right size. Mizike ran them back to Advance along with the old rotors while I wrenched the new hub in place. He called as I was finishing and said the other part they had was a totally different size. He said they would find out if they could find anything else that would work.

I went inside and had a bowl of Chili. I had gotten a pot stewing as soon as I arrived home from work since I knew I would not have time to cook a big meal. It was good after working out in the high winds with a little chill in the air.

Mizike finally made it back and had the correct part. He said the parts guy looked at the previous years series of the part and it matched up with what we needed. So my 98 blazer is put together with 97 parts. We got everything put back together around 9:30. I had to get to bed and he had to get to work so we only got one side done. Now that we have all the running around done maybe the other side will be quick tonight.

After we got the blazer together we took it out for a test run. It was still howling on the drivers side. Mizike got out and ran beside as I drove. We figured out that the howling was coming from the back drivers side. Not only did it need new bearings, it also needs rear brakes. The front ones are new. So tonight I will be putting on the other hub and buying and putting on rear brakes. I hope this will keep the blazer going through the rest of this year.

I talked to the wife last night and she says she wants to go camping this weekend with the kids so it looks like that will be what we are doing. I will camp at Alumn Creek so I have good fishing and hopefully a spot on the water. I will also be close to the Marine so I can switch out boats on Saturday morning finally.

Don't leave it to me to take over the world. My plans all backfire or are really difficult and take a long time to complete.

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