Friday, April 17, 2009

Day before tournament weekend

Well it's now Friday and nothing is ready again. I had ordered parts for my Blazer Monday morning. I thought they would show up by yesterday and they still have not arrived. I did get a IM8 Medium fast action graphite rod in the mail that I had ordered 4 weeks ago on ebay. I hope the parts don't take that long. I made sure to buy from a reputable seller.

If the parts come in today all plans are on. I can get them put on today and switch out the boats at the shop tomorrow and head to the lake to begin pre-fishing. I got ahold of one of my co-workers that lives at the lake to see if he would like to go out with us. I haven't seen him too much since he had been layed off.

If the parts do not come I will have to figure out something else to do this weekend and will be out 60.00 for the tournament. I cannot drive any longer on these bearings. I definately don't want to be pulling a boat if the tire falls off.

I had the money to put the Blazer in the shop pre-spring but Mizike did not believe me that the bearings were going out so he test drove it and said he did not hear the grinding that I was hearing in the fall. I pulled the boat this spring a few times and now it is howling. He believes me now. He does quite a bit of work on vehicles and says that we can fix it pretty easy ourselfs. I wanted to save even more money and bought the parts online. Now I might have messed up our weekend.

All I want to do is fish. It has been one thing after another trying to prevent me. I have overcome most of the obstacles but it just isn't easy getting to the water.

This weekend is supposed to be awesome. It is going to be over 70 for the first time this year on Saturday and Sunday is going to be in the low 60's with rain. It will still be nice weather from what we are used to here.

I watched 4 episodes of City Limits with Mike Iconelli last night. That guy is just awesome. He gets so mad when he isn't catching anything though or if something stops him from getting to the water. It is a pretty cool show. Some of the bass they pull out are monsters. Mike gets extreemly excited and it provides a lot of entertainment value. I hope he keeps up what he has started this season in the Elites.

I will make it to the lake boat or not this weekend but I really want to fish the tournament.

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