Friday, April 24, 2009

Rough morning

Not feeling so well today. Last night Mizike and I finished working on the blazer. We got the passenger side hub and rotor changed out then changed out the rear brakes. It was pretty easy once we got the right tools for the job.

After that we ate a pasta dish my wife made up. It was delish! I layed down on the couch and got a text from a friend saying he needed me to come to Buffalo Wild Wings. I went out about 8 and thought I would just have 1 or 2 beers. At 1:00 I finally walked out with 5 big beers and a duck fart (crown and bailey's) in my stomach. I stopped by Mikky D's and got a mcchicken sandwich and headed home. According to my roomate I was pretty smashed. I was having a hard time standing. That's usually not like me after just drinking beer. It hit me hard last night.

I had fun but getting up today was rough.

First thing when I walked in today I found out that we are making more reductions at work. At the end of shift today I have to let 2 more people go. One of them I just had restart. The other has been here longer than I have but has had some medical issues that has caused her to miss quite a bit of work. Both have been doing a really good job but unfortunately the car industry is not.

After work today the wife kids and I are heading to Alum Creek to go camping. It is supposed to be really nice this weekend. I can definately use the rest and relaxation. Tomorrow morning I can go pay for the pontoon and switch the boats out at the shop. Hopefully I will have everything running great soon.

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