Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indian Lake Tournament No Go

I got home from work on Friday and the parts had not came in. I e-mailed the person I bought them from and he said that he had shipped them ups instead of priority mail which was what was listed in his description. He said that the tracking shows that it would arrive on Monday.

I got on the computer and looked at a couple different sites to try to try to find some used parts to get me by until the hubs arrived. I found the same year blazer on craigslist that somebody was parting out. I called and he still had those parts but I wouldn't be able to get them until Sunday. That would be too late. I looked into rental cars but they do not allow towing. U-haul only allows you to pull U-haul trailers. I had a hitch lined up that u-haul would install on the mini-van and thought everything was going to work out but I found out that I needed to look at the specs for the van. Insurance will not cover an accident if you are pulling more than what the specs say you can haul. The van can pull 1500 pounds but the boat is close to 3000 pounds. I did find out that I might be able to rent a truck from a dealership but by the time I found that out it was Saturday night and I had to be at the lake by 6 am to register for the tournament and they were not open.

Team MiRketti was not able to make it to the tournament and were out 85.00. We did still want to fish though so we went down to Deer Creek lake and fished the dam for Crappie. I caught the first 10 incher on a 1/16 oz. jig head and black and green skirt and a couple more on a white skirt. Mizike caught quite a few more fish on bobber and minnow. My oldest boy had a few bites on jig and minnow but did not catch any. Mizike added 4 more to the stringer before my son started crying to go home. It was raining and a little chilly.

Friday night we stayed up until 5 AM going to the bar and having some after hours poker. I made up 15.00 that I lost on Sunday so I guess it was not too bad. Saturday I was up around 10 and was feeling pretty good so I watched some more dvr'd tv. When Mizike got up we headed out to do a little garage sale shopping. We only found 2 but got some pretty neat toys for the kids. It was a really nice day on Saturday.

The next 2 weekends Mizike is working so we will not have any tournaments. This weekend is supposed to be a very nice close to 80 degree weekend. I am weighing going camping at Alum Creek and fishing all weekend or loading up the wife and kids and heading to Tennessee, Kentucky, or West Virginia to see some more country.

I moved to Ohio from Kansas about 5 years ago and like to go on little trips each year to see some more of the country. We always find really cool places when we load the car and go. Two years ago we went to West Virginia and found a stream in the middle of nowhere that had lots of free camping all along it. There was hiking and bike trails close. There was also a cave close that had a resteraunt that had a killer breakfast for real reasonable prices. Last year we went to Kentucky on a whim to the cave area. We went down to see Dinosaur land but there was all kinds of things to see and do there.

I kind of like the idea of camping and fishing though. I would like to take my 3 year old and just the 2 of us spend the weekend camping and fishing.

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