Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend update

I got some errands taken care of this weekend. I got the pontoon cover picked up from the canvas shop. They had resewn the canvas for me. I also picked up the van from the shop. It had been fixed from hitting the deer. I also rolled a bunch of coins and cashed them in for the first time since college. That will give us an extra 450.00 for vacation money.

Nothing else really happened Friday night or Saturday. I had a few drinks Saturday night with our alternate for our tournaments. I was feeling pretty good after the first beer and a half. I was walking to the restroom and almost knocked over a table as I was already stumbling. I had several more beers then ate some food and lost my buzz completely. I had one more beer between midnight and 2:30 when the bar closed and it was hard to get it down.

Sunday I got up pretty early and watched some t.v. I was feeling stir crazy sitting around the house and needed to get out. Mizike got off early and we headed to a pond in the city to try it out. I had 2 bites on a rubber worm right next to the bank at my feet. The second bite was on the next cast after my first bite and when I set the hook there was a pretty decent swirl but I missed the hookset.

Mizike got bored pretty quickly and wanted to try a different pond. We went to the other pond we have had some luck at and they have posted it no tresspassing so we headed home and caught the crap out of bluegills in the creek behind my house.

I fried up some crappie for supper then we shot off a couple fireworks. After that we broke out Rapala fishing for the Wii. I had gotten it and the fishing rod for father's day. It is a pretty awesome game. Mostly because of the use of the pole and being able to set the hook and reel in the fish. The graphics were o.k. and I think the tournament style games are better but I really liked the actual feel of having a rod instead of just a controller. It is more realistic than some of the other games and is a little challenging to catch the bigger fish. We'll see how it is as we advance through the game. This is just my initial impression.

The best part was we had set the ottoman in front of the t.v. to sit on. Mizike went to set the hook on one fish and as he pulled back he leaned and almost fell off the back side of the ottoman. Needless to say the fish was hooked.

I have a couple more days of work left today then it's vacation time. The couple that is buying the pontoon is picking it up Wednesday so I will have my check then. All I will have to do after that is pack for the trip, and help clean the house. My wife always has to leave with a clean house.

It sounds like Mizike and his girlfriend are going to drive up to Niagara Falls to camp with us for the first weekend. That should be pretty fun. My wife's mother was going to come with us on vacation but she decided not to go. I kind of like the idea of just my wife and kids and me going, that way we can do whatever we want. If we see a light house or something interesting to check out we can stop, or if something we have planned does not look to great we can keep going.

It seems like I just got back from a week off in Kansas and already I'm ready for vacation again.

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