Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacation Planning

I have been planning our family vacation for a while now. Next week we will be leaving and be gone for 9 days. The plan is not set in stone but we have some ideas of what we would like to see and do. We are going to start out from Columbus and go to Niagara Falls. We have a campsite reserved there since it is Independance day weekend.

We have 2 nights reserved at the falls then it is open from there. We will more than likely head North and East and try to make it to Maine. We will spend some time there and then head towards the Chesapeake Bay, possibly Ocean City, then spend some time in Washington D.C. before heading home. Nothing is set in stone though and we may end up in totally different states or areas. We have a set amount of money we will spend and if we run low we will return home early.

At the falls we purchased a Niagara US Discovery pass where we spend 33.00 each to save 17.00 a piece to do all that Niagra Park has to offer. It also comes with 50.00 worth of coupons for the area. It all looked like things we would like to do anyway so I ordered the pass's. The kids are free since they are still young so that portion of the trip will be relatively inexpensive and already paid for.

Some of the things I want to do during our travels are:

1. Eat fresh Maine Lobster.
2. Eat at a Seafood Buffett next to the coast.
3. Try Blue Crab from the Chesapeake.
4. Fly fish the Appalachian Mountains.
5. Fish in the Ocean.
6. Spend time on a Beach.
7. Hit a Waterpark or Amusement park for the kids.
8. See a lighthouse up close.
9. Set a crab pot and catch crab.
10. Spend some time shopping at unusual places.
11. Go hiking.
12. Try doing something other than already listed that I have not done before.

This will be our family's first vacation together. We have been on vacations with our parents together but not just me, my wife and the kids doing what we want to do. My wife's mom just about came with us but we found out today she is not coming. It will be exciting and I am anxiously awaiting our departure.

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