Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plan for TNT # 7

Tomorrow's TNT tournament is at Alum Creek. I have a little more confidence in fishing at Alum Creek. I have had some nice fish on and have caught a few nice bass out of there. I usually get at least 5 hits. After catching the 3 bass last week and only missing 1 I feel like I might be able to get some more in.

I broke down and bought a Lucky Craft 112 Pointer in the Chartreuse Shad color. I have been buying low cost lures and I want to make sure my cheap lure selection is not producing cheap results. Of course I did not pay the full 16.00 for the lure. I was able to find it for 6.00 out of the package still unused. Lucky Craft seems to be a major contributor to money made in tournaments so I would like to be on that boat. I will try it out a little tomorrow. A lot if it works. I will also have my favorite shakey jig with brown worm tied on and a beatle spin. I will try a little smaller shakey jig head for a little more finesse. I will drop to a 1/8 oz. I think that will help create more action. I can't wait to catch that first bass tomorrow. I will hit a couple spots that I know is holding several bass then I think I will move a ways up the lake to where I know a couple really large bass are holding. I know it's big thinking after only catching 1, but I can catch 5 bass to get us close or in the money. I'll start with one then keep catching them.

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