Monday, June 22, 2009

Pontoon Selling and Weekend Update

I met with the couple driving 3 hours last Thursday to look at the pontoon. They made it up early. Luckily I was able to get off a little early so they did not have to wait. I met them with the boat at Delaware lake. They looked over the pontoon then I took them out for a test ride. Everything ran good. The motor started up on the first crank like usual and everything else went smooth. We got back to the dock and after being out on the lake and I let them off and I continued to load the boat while they talked.

I backed the trailer down the ramp and another boat was loading. He pulled up on the trailer with ease and she made a comment on how easy the other boat loaded. After he pulled out I told her the pontoon was really easy to load and to demonstrate I pulled onto the trailer really crooked and showed how it would steer itself onto the trailer. Then I gave it a little gas and it slid right up to the front. She was extreemly impressed.

He asked how low I would go on the price. I had a guy interested on Saturday for 5500.00 so I said I would take 5750.00. He and his wife talked about it for a minute and said they would take it. The sale is not finalized. They are coming to Columbus to pick it up in a week and bringing a cashiers check. I am going with them to get all of the paperwork transferred so there will be no problems.

Thursday, Mizike and I went to O'Shaughnessy only did not get in the tournament. We decided just to fish for a while and if we start doing better give the tournaments a try again. On the first cast of the evening Mizike caught a 12 1/2 inch bass on a chartreuse spinner. We both were thinking "Why did we not fish the tournament". The rest of the day was not so well. We moved on down the bank and saw fish surfacing everywhere after the schools of fry all over the surface of the lake. We tried a lot of different presentations and ended up catching quite a few crappie and bluegill before we decided to try to go to a cove and catch some crappie.

I tied on a purple worm in the cove and fished a weed bed. I cast into an opening in the weeds and jigged the worm a little bit. I instantly got a hit. I missed the hookset. I cast into another opening and again another hit and again a missed hookset. I am starting to think the fish on this lake are going to require finesse fishing and I think I am getting closer to figuring it out. I have been downsizing my weights and hooks and am starting to figure out how to finesse again.

Mizike had to get to work so we left a little before the tournament boaters came in.

This weekend not much happened. I had Friday off and did not do much besides watch T.V. Saturday I watched T.V. all day and cleared off a lot of space on the DVR. I haven't been watching but a couple shows a week so it was about 97% full. We got it down to the 40%'s. Saturday evening I got a call from a friend I used to work with saying he was having a poker game at his house. Mizike's girlfriend and I went and played a low stakes tourney. It was fun even though I was out in 3rd, no money.

Sunday my son brought home a gift for Father's day he made for me in Sunday school. It was made out of popsickle sticks and puzzle pieces and had a nifty little saying on it about loving me to pieces. He also had a big bag of reices pieces that the 2 boys gave to me and both were anxious to share them. We ate the lunch I had prepared and headed to the lake to the beach to go swimming. It was fun for the boys the girls and me. The boys enjoyed playing in the sand and swimming and getting to play with other kids.

We came back home and got cleaned up to go out for some barbecue. There are not a lot of places in Columbus so we went to Smokey Bones. None of us had ever been there. I was craving ribs and they had awesome ribs and even better onion rings. I ate until I couldn't eat no more and I still had enough left for another meal. The waitress gave us a coupon for my meal free since it was father's day. She also was one of the best waitresses we have had so I did not have any problem leaving a 15 dollar tip.

We came home and put the kids to bed and made it to bed by 10 ourselves. That is a rarity in our house. I feel rested today thanks to a very relaxing weekend.

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