Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Selling the Pontoon

I posted a listing on craigslist to sell my pontoon yesterday. I have gotten 4 responses so far. The first was yesterday evening. I got a call from a person that wants to look at the boat on Saturday. He is interested in keeping it at Buckeye lake.

I got another call this morning. The person said they were going to be making a 3 hour trip to look at the boat tonight. I also got 2 e-mails. One asked if the boat was still available and the other offered a trade for a motorcycle.

I need the cash to help pay down the loan for the other boat and could use the money for our family vacation coming up in July. If I get what I am asking I will only sacrifice 150.00 from what I paid for the boat 5 years ago. I think the boat is in as good or better shape now than when I purchased it, especially after all I have worked on it this year to get it in tip top shape. It still looks sharp and runs like a champ.

I didn't think that I would get a response so quickly. I still have a couple of things to do. The cover is still ripped from last winter so I need to get that in the shop. I also need to get the canopy back on it. The canopy is at the house. I need the boat to transport it due to it's size. If the gentleman wants to purchase the boat I will have to have him follow me into Columbus, an hour away to attach the canopy and get the rest of the things that go with the boat. It is on his way back home so he should not mind. If he does I can keep the boat until Saturday and transport it to him with everything ready to go except the cover.

I am pretty nervous. I have never sold a car, boat, or any other vehicle before. Luckily I have bought a few from individual sellers so that should help smooth the transaction with those experiences.

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