Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lake Erie Weekend

Mizike took Friday off and we had plans to head to Lake Erie for the weekend. Mizike me and his girlfriend were going to take off Friday morning and drive to Lake Erie. We would find a campsite when we got there sign up for a head boat on Saturday evening and then go fish that evening then come back to camp and drink and have fun.

Thursday at work got a little crazy and I had to come in Friday to sort some things out. I worked for 2.5 hours from 8 to 10:30. I got home and we were on the road by noon.

We stopped at KFC / Long John Silvers on our way out of town. We ordered our food and they said they were out of biscuits and it would take about 9 minutes for them to be done. We decided we would wait so the drive through guy gave us our drinks for free. That saved us 5 bucks for 9 minutes of our time. They had us pull forward to wait.

Mizike was complaining because the last 2 times he stopped KFC was out of Crispy Chicken and this time they were out of biscuits. About 2 minutes into waiting a guy brought our food out. I thought it was strange so I had Mizike's girlfriend check through the bag to make sure everything was there. We were missing fries from one of the meals and all of the biscuits.

I pulled into a parking stall and Mizike went racing inside to complain. He was very irritated. By the time I got inside he was already calm. He said the guy that brought the food out got yelled at for taking the food out too quickly. As I was sitting there waiting they told another guy they were out of wings. They must have the worst order person of all time working there to be out of so much all the time. Looks like I know a good place to get free soda's.

It was not long and we were on the road again. It took about 3 hours with a gas stop to reach the lake. Mizike and his girlfriend had never been there. We went over Sandusky Bay. It was really neat. Then drove into Port Clinton. It reminds you of a small beach town next to the ocean. They thought it was really awesome especially the bridge that raises up to let boats through.

We stopped at Fisherman's Wharf to sign up for a head boat. I always go there because the staff is super friendly and helpful every time. They were booked full for Saturday. They said they would put us on reserve and call us if a spot opened. They had lots of openings on Sunday so we were o.k. with that. They helped us locate some primitive camping next to the portage river so we went to check it out.

At first we were skeptical about the campground. It was full of year round campers but had one small area for tents with a firering and picnic tables. We drove and checked out East Harbor State Campground. It was nice but not near the water and they don't allow alcoholic beverages so we opted for the private campground.

We set up camp and headed to the river to wet some lines. Mizike's girlfriend caught a small rock bass right away. She then caught a sheephead. Mizike followed with a catfish. I didn't have any luck. My worm was drowned and untouched by the time we left.

We had saw a sign for Crabby Joe's on the way to East Harbor so we drove back that way to find Crabby Joe's. We found it a little past the campground. It didn't look great from the outside but on the inside had a deck over the water so it seemed worth the stop. A band started playing right after we got there and they had awesome food. I got the walleye platter. Mizike got the cheeseburger and his girlfriend got the crab legs. We split an order of clams served in a beer pitcher. They were fantastic.

They had a claw game that had lobsters in it. If you caught a lobster and dropped it they would cook it and serve it with baked potato and a full meat. It was 2.00 to play and Mizike tried it. He started moving the claw and a crowd gathered around. He got a good grab from the far side of the tank and the claw lifted the lobster out of the water. It was slow moving across the tank. Right as it got to the other side the lobster started moving and slid out of the claw. Another 2 inches and he'd have been lobster dinner.

We had a fantastic dinner and a couple drinks then headed back to camp after buying some firewood. We got the fire started then Mizike grabbed a stick that had been in the fire pit and laid it across to burn. I started to grab it back out to use as a poker and Mizike say's "Don't grab that stick." I asked why. He said, "I got poo on my hands." His girfriend says "Poo Poo?" I look down as Mizike says "Yes Poo Poo!" and see something dripping off the end of the stick. Somebody had stabbed poo with it and thrown it in the pit to be burned and Mizike had grabbed the bad end.

Mizike headed towards the bathroom to wash his hands while we burned his poo stick. A little after we left we heard 2 cats making screaching noises. We joked that Mizike had been attacked for smelling like dog poo. It took a while and when Mizike returned he looked very unhappy. He said that when he had gotten the poo of his hands he had needed to poo himself. The light switch was on a timer and as he was taking care of business he realized he had taken too long when he heard a click and darkness fell upon him. He had to use the light of his cell phone to finish.

The rest of the night was filled with drinking, and drinking, and drinking. At one point I watched as Mizike grabbed a burning end of a log and rotated it. He had just pulled it out of the fire to burn the log in 2. I yelled stop but it was too late. He had ahold of it and didn't realize it was hot. I had him put his hand in the cooler right away and after a couple of seconds he felt the burning.

We made a lot of stick jokes the rest of the weekend. We were able to get out on the headboat Saturday evening but a coldfront moved through so we only caught a couple of walleye before they quit biting. The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful.

We did stop at Wal-mart on Sunday and purchase a Spiderman 2 piece pole for my oldest son and fished off a pier. Mizike caught a bullhead catfish. We didn't have any luck other than that.

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