Friday, October 14, 2011

Ran Out of Town

Last night after I walked to the store for milk, I ran for the first time since we have moved into the new house.  I am excited to be on the edge of town where I can get on a gravel road right away and run with no traffic or dogs that want to chase me down. 

At first I felt a little weak from not running in a couple weeks but I got into a groove and had a good run, probably a couple miles or more.  It helps to have a MP3 player now.  The beat of the music makes me want to run longer.

It helps to see that running and eating smaller portions at meal time is paying big dividends.  I am now 22-25 pounds lighter than when I moved here.  My weight fluctuates quite a bit each day.  When I moved back I was 240, this morning I weighed myself and was 215.4.

I haven't noticed a lot of change myself, but others say they have noticed.  It will be interesting to see if Mom and Dad say anything this weekend.

I have a lot going on now with the new house, so I can't do much more than running.  Maybe down the road I can take advantage of the gym being open to the public at 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening. 

My goal of reaching 200 pounds might come quicker than I thought.  If it does, then I will have to set mileage goals, because I enjoy the feeling I get from running.  I have more energy and feel better mentally.

Christina hasn't ran with me in a while.  It's hard with the 2 boys, for us to go together.  Once Gavin can ride his bike then the boys can bike while we run.  I like having a running partner.

The gourds vines have dried up.  A sign that pheasant season is right around the corner

A look down the road as I was running back into town.

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  1. Congratulations on the running! Inspirational.
    The photos are great too. Yes, the vines are dying and fall colors are showing; it's my favorite time of year.