Friday, October 7, 2011

Choosing A Quality Fishing Rod for a Low Price

There's no need to re-invent the wheel so here's an excellent article I read to help me start looking for the rods I wanted or NEEDED.  Choosing The Right Rod 

Once you figure out what characteristics you want in a fishing rod there are many choices that will be similar to what you are looking for.  You may want the top of the line "insert name" brand rod, but if you would like to save a few bucks you might try looking at the other options out there. 

To start your search I would suggest to use a search engine such as google shopping and type in some key words for what you are looking for.  For a few less options but better search results try ebay.  Here are some keywords that sellers use with their poles.  Modulus, fiberglass, graphite, IM-6, IM-8, fuji guides, fast action, medium action, medium light, medium heavy, etc.

If using ebay search by buy it now, then sort by price. That will get you to the lowest cost with the description you are looking for.  Then try all items, and sort by ending soonest.  Once you have tried that you can try clicking on the box, next to - include item description, and try again.  That will search the items description,  not just the heading, for the keywords you are searching for.

Several of the rods I have gotten have came from ebay.  Others, I have bought from other fisherman I have met in my club and at fishing tournaments.  These guys are always wanting the newest and best on the market and will sell their older equipment at considerably lower prices than you could buy new.

Another good option is to go to a sporting goods store and look until you find a deal that you believe is good.  I have seen mis-priced rods, as well as some deep sales at the sporting goods stores.  The good thing about the sporting goods stores, is, the rods are new, and you can touch and feel the rods.  You can try tapping the tip on a shelf and see if the ting travels back to where your hand rests on the butt of the rod if you are looking for a sensitive rod.

This is how I have picked up some quality rods for a lower cost.  If you can think of some other ways, leave a comment so others can benefit from your advise.

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