Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guests This Weekend

This weekend was great!  The weather was perfect, we had good company and a lot of housewarming gifts.

Mom and Dad were coming down to bring us their washer and dryer.  They decided to buy new ones and give us their old ones.  They also brought some other things, so much that they needed a trailer behind the pickup.  They brought the corn we had put up earlier this year, some ground beef from a cow they butchered at the end of last winter, a lot of jars of canned vegetables, and much more food.  They also brought about 40 pumpkins that they had gotten free.  We kept a few and the rest go to my cousin's and children and our brother and sister in law and their children.

They had invited my aunt and uncle down as well.  My aunt and uncle also brought housewarming gifts.  They gave us rugs, kites, paper plates, napkins, plastic cups, and other goodies.  I was just happy to have their company.

Christina and I worked hard to get the house ready for show Friday night.  Saturday morning we continued and everybody showed up around 2 pm on Saturday.  We spent the day talking and eating.  We had Salad, Lasagna, and Italian Bread that Mom had brought on Saturday evening.  Before supper we had went out to the soccer field to fly the kites my Aunt and Uncle had brought.  I think it was as much fun for the adults as it was for the kids.  We would fly the kites up to where we were out of string then tie on another string to get them even higher.  Leo and I had kite wars and tried to crash each others kites.

Leo pulling on the kite to make it go higher.

Gavin's kite flew high, all he needed to do was hold the string.

My Aunt and Uncle left after supper Saturday and my parents stayed the night.  They didn't sleep well due to the number of trains that go by.  They are loud and fast.  Christina and I sleep through them, but we had lived in Columbus, OH where there were Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Police sirens, as well as Helicopters and gun shots every night.  Mom and Dad live way out in the country where there are only natural lights and natural sounds.  Some people don't sleep good at their house because of the darkness, noisy crickets and coyotes.

We got up and ate Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuits made with sausage from the local meat locker.  Their sausage is the best I've had.  Then we went to church.  Service was a little different this week as Spoken 4 sang and spoke during the service.  It was very inspirational and the guys had great voices. 

After church we had homemade chicken and noodles over potatoes along with peas and homemade zuchini cranberry orange bread.  I ate so much that I had to lay down and take a short nap before Mom and Dad left. 

The rest of the day I took it easy in our living room/den.  It is a very relaxing room that I love to spend time in.
My awesome living room/den.

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