Wednesday, June 23, 2010


They got us tonight. Christina took Leo to swimming lessons and somebody broke the drivers side window out of the van and stole her purse with debit and credit cards, ID, checks, and social security cards.

It is a scary feeling knowing somebody has all that information. They spent 106.00 at Marathon gas station before we could get the cards turned off. Who knows what else they spent before we got the cards turned off in the first 30 minutes. Chase would not let me turn off the card when I called. They said she would have to call even though it was a joint account set up by myself.

I was very angered but my Mom and Dad calmed me down and made me realize that it could have been way worse. I love my parents.

I was ready to open season on thieves. The guy signed his own name at a store he goes to regularly and was in front of many security cameras on his bicycle when he used her card. He spent 106.00 on phone cards at Marathon. I hope the police make an effort to catch this guy. I am entrusting this to them. Justin is his first name even though Christina did not see his last name on the receipt.

This is becoming too common. Somebody tries breaking in my car a week and a half ago and now somebody succeeds. Is it time to take matter in my own hands? If I didn't have a wife and kids I think I would make a good vigilante.

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