Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Deer Creek Club Tournament 4/23/10

I got home from the Grand Lake tournament Saturday evening. There was a lot to do around the house in preperation for the weeks vacation so I got the camping gear ready and mowed the front yard. It was late by the time I got to bed.

I rolled out of bed early again for the second day to get the boat hooked up for the Deer Creek tournament. I had Dave Merriman from the club going out with me. Gene is also going to try to join the club so he fished as a guest with Ken and rode to the lake with us.

We got there and put in just in time for blast off. I was tired all day but thought I would have a good shot since it was my regular lake. We started out in one of my favorite spots but the water had risen quite a bit and was chocolate milk colored. I caught a couple shorts and a crappie or 2.

I made the decision to fish a different spot towards the dam to see if we could find some cleaner water. Dave hooked up with a good bass in the first cove fishing with a tube. I caught more shorts and crappie.

We worked the bank thouroughly and couldn't get another keeper by mid day. We decided to move around and try some other spots. The fish were not co-operating. It seems that if you miss the early bite on that lake it is hard to catch fish.

I wanted to try the river so we boated back there. The water was horribly colored and was way high. There was about a half hour left and I knew a good steep rock bank close to the ramp that we could work for the last half hour.

We got there and the trolling motor batteries were getting low. We were still able to work the bank and Dave ended up pulling in a 2.5 lber off a crankbait. It was flopping and jumping all the way in. With about 5 minutes left we headed back to check in.

From the talk on the water it was a tough day for most. There were a couple guys that said they had a good day.

At weigh in Andy had 3 fish and there were 2 other guys that said they did good. I thought back to the day before and knew that Dave's 2 fish could outweigh 3 smaller fish and he might have a shot at big fish. At the conclusion of weigh in he won with 4.7 pounds and had big fish. I didn't weigh in a fish for the second straight club tournament but was happy I could get Dave on winning fish.

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