Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekend Update - Not Fishing!

I held up on my end of the deal by not fishing this last weekend. It was tough! It was a nice break to spend some time with the family.

Friday night we went shopping at Kohl's. I got some swimming shorts and a nice summer shirt. I don't buy cloths too often but my swimming shorts from a few years ago were unwearable. It was embarrasing when I figured that one out. Mom pointed out that there was a noticable hole between the 2 legs of the shorts.

We had chinese buffett at a new restraunt they opened near home called Go Go Buffett. It was good and had all the regular offerings.

Saturday Leo had a birthday party to attend at The Big Splash in Grove City. We had a blast swimming and playing in the water. Gavin was not scared of the water at all and Leo worked on his swimming as he had just finished his first week of swimming lessons. We are staying really busy keeping him busy this summer.

Christina had a movie party at a co-workers house on Saturday night. I watched the kids as they set up train tracks and played with trains and toy cars all night.

Sunday when we got up Leo said, "Do you have fire on your back? My back is on fire!" Gavin and him had gotten burned despite putting sun screen on them at the pool. I have a base tan so I didn't get burned.

Since I wasn't fishing I ordered some goodies from bass pro and got them in the mail yesterday. I got some zoom speed worms and speed craws to try out this weekend. I also got some Monsoor swim jigs and re-stocked some hooks and bullet weights as I have been going through them this year.

Saturday I have a club tournament at Delaware lake. I know where to find the crappie there but the bass is a different story. I have been studying lake maps to decide where to go. I have several spots picked out to try at the start. If that doesn't produce, I will work some main lake banks and work fallen trees the rest of the day. The good thing about our club is that we will not overfish the lake. Each boat will be able to get to good locations as there are usually only 8 or 9 boats.


  1. Good luck on Saturday, hopefully you don't have people trying to jack your gear the night before and keeping you awake!

  2. Thanks Mark, I think I'm done sleeping in my car at these events. I will pony up and get a campsite or a motel room from now on.