Friday, June 25, 2010

The Thief May Be Caught!

If all goes right tonight there will be a warrant and an arrest of the man that broke out the window on the van and stole my wife's purse.

The detective working the case called the day after and said they think they know who did it. They were gathering the evidence and this evening when the store clerk returns to work they are going to do a line up and have him point out the thief.

We have gotten all the cards cancelled and have opened a new bank account since he had gotten our checks with routing and account numbers. We searched the area to see if we could find the purse. We looked in bushes and trash cans but could not find it. Christina is without a drivers license or any ID right now. She thinks with the police report and some other documentation she will be able to get her Driver's license tomorrow. With that she should be able to get everything else again.

It is a huge hassel. Don't leave anything in your cars. We should get the 106.00 back that the guy used but will still be out 200.00 for a new window, 25.00 for a driver's license, and whatever a cell phone, new purse and all the contents cost.

The guy also used a screwdriver to crack the glass so he damaged the door of the van itself. I'm not paying to fix that. The van has lost so much value already anyway from being keyed top to bottom, hitting a coyote, and hitting a deer. It's had 3 new paint jobs and it's only a 2005. I don't think the groundhog chewing up 700.00 worth of wiring on it will lower the value any more than that since we replaced all that wiring and sensors.

It will be nice to get out on the water tomorrow and not have to worry about any of this for a few hours.

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  1. Wow man, thats some bad luck. Hopefully the boys in blue bring him in. Imagine if you hadn't been in your car the other night, two robberies in a month... Your experiences are a good example of why I just sent in for my FOID card.

    Good luck on the water, maybe all this bad luck will even out in the form of a few lunkers.