Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Official Member of a Bass Club and Soccer Coach

It's official. I am an official member of the Twin Rivers Bassmasters. At the club meeting last night I was asked to leave the room and when I returned the votes where in and I was accepted as a member.

As a member I will now be able to vote on important issues for the club and equally important I will be able to fish the club tournaments.

I had a chance to fish with and against some of the members at the Alum Creek open a couple weekends ago and they are some excellent fishermen. I hope to learn a lot fishing with them and hope to hold my own fishing against them.

I am getting excited. The tournament season is about here. This weekend coming up will be last free weekend for a while. It's not really free as I am fishing for bass with Mike a member of the club on Saturday at Deer Creek, then on Sunday I am going to fish for walleye at Lake Erie with Gene, his brother Glenn and a co-worker Chris.

My weekends are booked until Father's Day weekend June 19th and 20th. That's my wife's weekend. Then full again until October. Booked with fishing, fishing, camping, fishing and more fishing! It's the summer I've always dreamed about and my wonderful wife is being very supportive.

My week nights are filling up fast too. We enrolled my 4 year old son Leo in socker and his first night is tonight. A lady that puts the socker on called yesterday and left a message that they were looking for volunteers to help out on the field. She said it was not important what you know about socker. Christina called me and asked if I would want to volunteer. I said sure, figuring I would be assisting the coaches in training. Nope, I got home from the club meeting and Christina told me I was going to be a coach over 7 - 8 kids starting tonight!

It's kind of exciting but I don't even know if I know all the basics of soccer. I used to play for fun growing up. I think this league is just for the kids to have fun and learn the basic fundamentals of the game. I hope with my competitive nature that I can show the kids how to have fun and learn the game at the same time. I am really unsure what to expect and am very nervous for this evening. It will be a blast to coach a bunch of kids though. I can only imagine what I will hear over the next couple months from a group of 4 year olds. "Kids say the darndest things".

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