Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Come on Camping Weather!

We will have our first club tournament at Knox lake this Sunday. I have not fished Knox before but here it has excellent bass fishing. It is on the smaller side of lakes I usually fish. It is around 500 acres and has 11 miles of shoreline. The lenght limit is 18" which should help the bass population. We will be doing a paper tournament so that we can count any fish over 12 inches and bring any fish over 18" to the scales.

From the reports I am hearing the bass are starting to bed at Knox. I haven't sight fished before so this will be my first sight fishing experience. I am hoping to camp this weekend so I can pre-fish on Saturday / take Leo fishing. I called a campground close to there today to see if they had any openings. Hopefully they will call back.

I am ready for camping and fishing. Last weekend gave me a little taste but overall I think we only fished for a few hours. Leo is ready for fishing too. He asks every night for me to take him fishing. Gavin is getting into the outdoors as well. It's time to get the tent back out and roast some dog dogs on the fire!

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