Thursday, March 15, 2012

Walleye Spawn & Dandelions

Growing up Walleye and Dandelions have gone together like bread and butter.  In the spring I watch and wait to see the first Dandelion flower.  Most people think of it as a weed.  It is one of my favorite flowers. 

I learned long ago that when you see the first Dandelion flower of the year the Walleye are usually staging to spawn.  I'm not the one who originally made that connection and passed it on to our family.  Dad always said that every spring.  I'm not sure if he made the connection or if he heard it from somebody else. 

For the most part it has been true.  From reading about fish spawning habits, I would go a step further and guess that the first full moon around when the Dandelions are starting to bloom is the likely time for Walleye to spawn.

Today I saw several Dandelions and it made me think of that.  It also reminded me of all the times we would drive to the lake after Dad and Mom would get off work.  We would crowd in along the Dam and fish all night trying to catch one of the many Giant Walleye that would come in close to the rocks.  Most of the time we would catch several of the smaller males.  A couple times Dad got one of the 8 pounders.

Tonight, I may start that same tradition with my boys.  When I was their age I was bundled up and sitting on the rocks until the wee hours of the morning, sometimes sleeping on the rocks so I could get some rest for school the next day.

These are the things that I remember from my childhood.   I would like to build their memory banks with such fond memories of their Dad as I have of mine.

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