Friday, March 16, 2012

Canton Lake Walleye Spawn

After work yesterday, I picked up Leo and headed to Canton Lake to test the theory of the walleye spawning when the dandelions bloom.  We got to the lake a little before sunset and started fishing.

Leo caught the first walleye about 15 minutes later.  It was short of the 18 inch mark so we released it.  At that point he started to pour on the talk about being a better fisherman.  Not long after that I hooked into one that was a little short, then one that was right on the line that I threw back to avoid any unneccassary fines.  He quieted down a little.  Then I hooked into a bigger fish.  It gave quite a fight as I pulled it into the rocks.  He got my blood pressure up with excitement when I saw him.  He was about 4 pounds. 

Leo was excited because we got to keep a walleye.  The sun was down but there was still some light left so I knew there was time for one more bite.  I hooked into one more as the visibility from the sun was going away.  He looked smaller than the one I threw back earlier but I wanted to measure him anyway.  He was skinnier but went a 1/4 inch over the 18 inch mark so we put him on the stringer.

Once it got dark the fishing slowed down fast.  I did get one more bite and it was a monster fish.  It was stripping drag and I could not get it turned as it headed for deeper water.  I was going to let it play itself out when all of a sudden my pole went limp.  It had gotten off. 

We left around 9:30 as Leo was done fishing and playing in the rocks.  I think the fishing was going to start picking up again as the night grew on but I want to keep him interested in fishing so we headed for home.

When we got home, Gavin was still awake.  He asked where the fish were so I pulled them out.  His eyes got real big.  He asked, "What are you going to do with those fish, cut them up and make food?"  I said, "Yes."  He then let out a loud "Yea!"  It was pretty commical to hear a 3 year old say that.

Dad called today and wants to meet there tonight.  It's been a lot of years since we have been fishing a walleye spawn together.  Some of my fondest memories are my late nights on the rocks with Mom and Dad fishing for walleye.  Tonight, Leo, Dad and I will be hitting the rocks together chasing after those elusive monster walleye.

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