Monday, March 19, 2012

Canton Lake Walleye Spawn 3.17.12

Saturday, I was happy to be at home sitting around doing nothing, even though there is so much to do.  It was ugly and windy outside.  It was still warm.  The sky was hazed with dirt from all the wind.

Somewhere, from deep inside, my will to go fishing gradually took over.  Leo and I left around 3:30 to head to Canton Dam for our 2nd day of the walleye spawn. 

We got there around 5:00 and found us a good place close to where we had seen the walleye roll 2 nights before.  I cast beside the rocks and right away had a walleye on my chartreuse grub. 

The wind was blowing Northwest and made it miserable for Leo trying to cast.  Sometimes his lure would go straight out.  Sometimes it would go behind him in the rocks when the wind would gust.  He snagged a lot more than the last time out.

I had just gotten his lure loose from a rock and was walking it back to him when one of the large rocks I was walking across rolled.  It trapped my foot between it and another rock.  At the same time I went face first toward the rocks below me.  I stuck out my hands to try to catch myself on the way down.  The momentum was too much and my arms buckled under the pressure and akwardness of the fall.  Luckily my face buried into my crumpled arm to avoid smashing into a rock as well.

I had gotten lucky.  My shoe came off so I avoided a broken leg or ankle.  My arm shielded my face from the rocks.  Unfortunately, my shoulder thumb and wrist on my right fare well from all that weight being thrust on them all at once at an akward angle. 

My head was shaken, my pride was diminished, and my legs, knees, arms and hands were all scraped up.  I rolled over with my feet still up in the air and my head down toward the water.  For several minutes I laid gathering my thoughts and figuring out how I could get back up.

Finally, I got up.  I was o.k.  We continued to fish.  Leo was a little shaken and decided not to fish much more after that.

I ended up catching 6, only one of those was a keeper. 

My knee was aching from the fall and Leo was cold so we called it a night around 9:30.  When we got to the top several other anglers came over to admire our walleye.  Then the game warden stopped to look and to check my license. 

Leo was pretty excited to be able to show off our fish.

Even though it was windy and ugly and I almost broke myself apart on the rocks, it was still one of my favorite days.  I got to fish with my son and caught a pretty nice walleye.

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