Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sick over Thanksgiving

There has not been much fishing content to write about lately with the weather finally turning sour. There were a few great weekends leading into Thanksgiving but I did not make it out to fish. I guess I had pretty much given up on the season and decided to wait until next year.

I had 4 days off for Thanksgiving. My nose started running steadily on Wednesday by the time I got off work. By the time I got home I was having coughing attacks to where I could hardly breath. I drank a little bit on Wednesday night as the wife and kids were back home to visit family. I stayed behind so she could ride with her sister from St. Louis to Wichita.

I woke up Thursday morning to start the turkey and I was feeling miserable. My nose was running like a faucet and my chest felt like it had flames swirling around in my lungs. We got Thanksgiving dinner prepared and had a feast. Everything turned out really good. It was just me Mizike and his fiance. We ate half of a 12 pound turkey along with a ton of side dishes. It was that good.

The rest of the weekend I layed around playing on-line poker complaining about how bad I felt. Finally on Sunday, around noon, I woke up Mizike and asked him to take me to urgent care. I felt like I couldn't even get out of bed. I was freezing and shaking and every muscle was tight and sore. While Mizike was getting ready I started sweating and got warm all of a sudden. I was breaking a fever that I didn't even know I had. By the time Mizike finished getting ready, I felt normal again. I didn't have to go to the urgent care and the only time I have been coughing was when I have flem building up.

Mizike called me on my way to work yesterday and said that he had looked up ice fishing and saw that some places had ice tournaments. I have ice fished before but like bass fishing, it has been some time since I had done it regular enough to be decent. I think I talked him into trying Lake Erie if it freezes hard enough this year.

I looked up ice charters at Erie and saw that they are pretty reasonable between the fishing, and the accomodations. You also have the opportunity to take a airboat to the islands. That would be really cool.

I would really like to try fishing out of a ice hut. I have only ever fished off a 5 gallon bucket in the middle of a frozen lake with 40 mile an hour winds freezing me within seconds of the start of fishing. I can't imagine ice fishing in comfort. Hopefully we will make the time to do it.

My second meeting with the Twin Rivers Bass Club will be next Monday. I really like the idea of being part of the club. They were a great group of guys the first time I met them. The FLW Buckeye League registration is right around the corner as well. I will be online December 9th to sign up for that.

Hopefully, I will have a few fishing updates throughout the winter. I have a great saugeye spot beneath the dam at Hoover lake that seems to be great fishing right around Christmas each year. I also have my Febuary trip to Lake Cumberland to look forward to when we go down after Striper.

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