Thursday, December 10, 2009

Registered for the FLW BFL

I registered for the FLW BFL Buckeye Division yesterday and coughed up the 585.00 for entry fees and the membership. I am really excited about it. The expenses will be a little high since only one of the tournaments is somewhat close to the house. It is not really about the cost to me though. The experience is what it is all about. I am going to be doing something that I dreamed about all my life.

I will be fishing 5 differnent spots that I have never fished. I would like to but probably will not pre-fish them. I will be fishing with a boater that might or might not have an idea where the fish are. I am just going to go fishing and make the most of every situation. Hopefully I will do decent, but most importantly I hope I learn some new things to use in the future.

I found out what the entry fees are for the club tournaments. They are 20.00 + 5.00 for big bass. 20% will be held back for a fish off at the end of the year. So that will be 250.00 for that plus the 80.00 membership as well as expenses. I think if I have around 2400 more saved by tournament season I should have the the rest of the tournaments and travel expenses for the year. Then I will only have to worry about catching fish.

On the poker front I am up to 70.00 on Full Tilt and 60.00 on Pokerstars. I transferred 20.00 to Mizike from Full Tilt. He played 1 game and I don't know if he is going to transfer the money back or give me 20 in cash. I have played quite a bit so far. I guess that is an understatement. I play almost every day. I am very confident in my game right now and thought about going to Belterra Casino in Indiana next week to play. Mizike said we should wait until after Christmas so he could go. I will probably wait.

The snow is starting to come down pretty good here. I know a lot of the rest of the Midwest has had it bad the last couple days. We will not get near what they had but I'm not a fan of driving in snow. It is getting really cold and the ponds are freezing over. We may be ice fishing on Lake Erie before too long.

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