Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Twin Rivers Club Meeting # 2

I left work last night and headed to the area where the Twin Rivers Bass club meeting was going to be held. I got there about an hour and a half early so I drove around looking for a place to grab a meal.

I found Carribean Jerks Bar and Grill near the Donato's we were having the meeting. I walked in and found a seat at the bar. I ordered a Shiner Holiday beer that turned out to be very tasty. Then I saw they had Keno so I played 4 spots for 5 plays and ordered a Philly Steak Sandwich. The sandwich was one of the best I have had in years. I will definately take my wife there. They had a great grill menu with anything from fish n chips to wings to burgers and sandwiches.

My 5 plays on keno went pretty quick while I was eating. I won a dollar so I ran it again and was done eating and playing in time to drive down the street for the meeting.

The meeting was pretty cool. They had the club elections for next year and set up the tournament committee. The tournament committee stayed after the meeting to set up the lakes and dates for potential tournaments next year. Most of the rest of us hung around and talked about fishing and drank a few beers for the next hour until the tournament committee finished. As soon as they get permits for the tournaments I will know what my full schedule will be like next year.

I have now attended 2 club functions and now will just need to fish with 2 members before I can be voted into the club. I had a couple guys offer to fish with me early next spring. They said I could still attend the club banquet in February and continue to do things with the club until I am voted on.

At work we have a weekly pool of about 27 people that put in 3.00 a week and pick who they think are going to win the nfl games for the week. This week I finally won after tying twice before and loosing by points. I got 81.00 for my lucky guessing this week. That money will be nice since I have my registration for the BFL tomorrow. I had saved 470 out of the 550 I needed. With the extra 80.00 I will have the full amount to buy into all the BFL tournaments tomorrow as a co-angler. I have an extra paycheck in January. Depending on the club schedule I will send off the entry fees for the elite series by Team Bass Xtreem if the schedules do not conflict too much. I think a lot of the club tournaments will be Sunday tourney's so I might not have to worry about a conflict of schedules at all.

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