Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saving for Fishing and Poker

I have managed to get 400.00 in savings so far for the FLW tournaments. I need to get my entry form out for the Team Bass Xtreem Elite Series along with the 20.00 membership. I don't want to miss a spot in that series.

I shouldn't have a problem putting back enough money for the rest of the FLW series by December 9th. I had a pretty lucky weekend. On Saturday I bought some squares for the Ohio State Michigan Game. My numbers were Ohio State 1 and Michigan 0. The squares paid 50.00 a quarter. The third and fourth quarter the score remained the same with Ohio State 21 Michigan 10. I won 100.00 there. On top of that there was a poker home game at the house I went to watch the game. I took 2nd off a 20.00 buy in there for 70.00. I had a 120.00 profit for the weekend after the cost of the alcohol was figured in.

Some of that will go towards Thanksgiving turkey and groceries but the rest will go towards fishing.

My online poker has been o.k. at best. I start doing o.k. then the wheels start spinning and I lose ground a little bit. I started with 30.00 on 2 sites. On pokerstars I am up to 60.00 and on Full Tilt I am at 25.00. I have a holiday bonus I am trying to clear that would give me an extra 100.00 if I play a ton of games by the 16th of next month. It would be a little easier to reach if I add to the bankroll for a while. I might just keep playing a ton of small games though and keep building my bankroll that way.

I have found playing poker again to be enjoyable. It will be a good fix over the winter for not getting to fish.

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