Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twin Rivers Bass Club Meeting

The Twin Rivers Bass Club meeting was last night at the Donato's Pizza Restraunt in Polaris. I arrived about an hour early and the Donato's was empty. I walked around outside and saw a pet store close by and thought I would go in there to burn some time. The store had a few fish and a rabbit, but other than that didn't have too much to look at. I did check out a few aquariums as I am thinking of starting an aquarium again. The visit to the pet store lasted about 15 minutes.

I walked back over to Donato's and saw they had a bench in front of the building. I waited for about 20 minutes then saw a couple of trucks pull up. One of the guys getting out had a bass pro hat on so I asked if they were part of the club. They were so I enterred with them.

They walked up and orderred a bucket of beers. I asked if the others in the club would drink them if I ordered an extra bucket. They offered me a beer and said if we needed another bucket then we could get one.

We went back to the party room and sat down to wait on the others. It wasn't long before the others arrived. Everybody introduced themselves. I feel bad but don't remember all of their names. There were about 10 members that attended the meeting.

Everybody was talking fishing and hunting and it felt good to be around that type of group. The meeting started and they went over the business side of the club. I got a look inside the business aspect and the direction that the club was looking to go in the future. They are also getting ready for the club elections next month so I got to hear who was running for the positions.

After the meeting ended everybody started talking about the previous season. You could tell everybody had fun this year at the club events. I got some information on the club, the by-laws, an entry form as well as a schedule of last years events so I would have an idea where they would be fishing next year.

I also found out that to be part of the club I have to attend 2 club functions and fish with 2 members. After doing that, the next meeting they discuss the trips and decide whether to vote me in or not. The meetings count as club functions, but going fishing with 2 of the members might be tough during the winter so I might not get the chance until next spring to see about getting into the club.

I asked if I could still attend the meetings if I am not part of the club and they said that I could. I just wouldn't have voting power. I can handle that. I would like to get to know the guys a little better before the season starts next spring so I will try to make all of the meetings.

When I got home I checked with Mizike to see what happened to the Blazer. He said it was ticking like it was knocking. He said when it warmed up it quit. We went out to check it out since it hadn't been driven for a while. He started it up and asked if I heard what he was talking about. I heard what he was talking about and already knew that it wasn't the motor.

A couple years ago I got in a wreck and when I got the Blazer back from being fixed I had notice the same thing. The fan shroud had not been bolted in place. They just sat it into place and the fan blades would hit it when they were spinning. I had originally put a twisty tie around the bolt holes to hold it in place and had not gotten back to it. The twisty tie must have finally broken causing the bottom of the shroud to stick into the fan blade.

I got a zip tie out of the garage and zip tied it into place and fixed the problem.

That is a big relief knowing that the Blazer is still o.k. It still doesn't have A/C and a battery had tipped over in the back spilling acid everywhere and eating away the carpet but it is still drivable. I still have a vehicle to pull the boat. I have had it paid off for 2 1/2 years and it only has 120,000 miles so I am hoping to get a lot more life out of it.

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