Wednesday, October 21, 2009


These posts are about to get shorter as we pass through fall and get closer to winter. I am going to try to keep this blog about fishing and my adventures. Those 2 kind of slow down throughout the winter, so there might be a little more rambling along the way.

This week has been a little warmer than the last couple with highs today near 70. It makes it hard to be at work. With it getting dark so early I really don't have time to stop after work to fish, and with everything else going on this month I don't think it matters anyway.

Tonight I have a parent teacher's conference for my son who is 3 in pre-school. Saturday I fly to Kansas for a friend's wedding. I fly back Sunday, then my parents will be out to visit the rest of next week.

Thursday I will probably get a haircut and Friday I will be packing for my trip. I might make it out next week with my parents if they want to fish.

Monday the 2nd of November I have an invite to sit in on a monthly bass club meeting. I'm pretty excited. I have e-mailed 6 bass clubs and only 1 responded. It sounds like a good club of guys that join to fish the club tournaments and have fun.

With winter approaching there is one good thing, I can fish under the spillways here most the winter. Since the lakes are all built on river systems a lot of saugeye get washed over and can be caught below the spillways, especially after rains or snow melts. It's usually not real productive and can be extreemly cold but I can still get the joy of fishing.

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