Friday, October 9, 2009

Looking at Next Season

I am trying to join a bass club this fall so I can talk about my withdrawels from fishing over the winter. I think my first meeting will go like this. "My name is Rhett Hickert, I'm a fishaholic. I've been off the bass for 3 weeks now." Then there will be a round of applause. Ha ha! Really, Im joining so I can fish with different people next year so I can learn more in the clubs tournaments.

It seems pretty crazy, but it looks like, to get into most circuits you have to start planning for next year already. They will start accepting entry's in November. I don't know if they fill most of the spots right away but I don't want to take the chance. I pretty much know the circuits I'm going to try to get in, since I don't have a partner that can make most tournaments, and my boat is not necessarily a bass boat. I will probably fish the FLW Bass Fishing League as a non boater (5 Saturday Qualifier tournaments + 1 regional), my club as a non boater (? tournaments), and a boater only series that is put on by the guys who did the Thursday night series we fished this year (9 Sunday tournaments + 1 Championship).

If the schedules all work together and I can save the rest of the 1200.00 in entry fees by November, I will be set up for next year. Then I can save over the winter for fishing supplies, trips, gas, and boat expenses. I don't look forward to the winter but it allows me the time I need to save for all this and get prepared for next year.

I was hoping to make it out some more this year but it doesn't look promising. This weekend we are painting because my parents are driving out to visit in a few weeks. Next weekend we will be organizing the house for the same reason. The following weekend I have a friends wedding in Kansas to attend, then I come back and my parents will be here for a week. That is the rest of October. I might get a little fishing in with Dad and maybe a touch in November. I am going to try to fish until the lakes freeze this year.

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