Friday, October 2, 2009

A Look Back at This Fishing Season

Fall is definately here as the weather has changed for the worse and the leaves are starting to change color. This is the first week I have had to wear long sleeves to be comfortable. I could have possibly used a coat scraping the frost off the windshield the other morning.

In this season of fishing I have learned a lot and realize that there is so much more to learn. Especially for fishing the lakes around here, where you have to catch every bite in order to get a limit of bass.

I have gained experience on different techniques as well as gaining confidence in some baits and learning when and where to use them. I have learned some basics on bass movement throughout the year and am able to find them a little easier than at the beginning of the year. I have even targeted specific bass and been able to catch them.

I am excited that there is still so much to learn, but I am also excited because I can catch bass regularly now. The results of my learning are definately paying off in catching bass.

I am going to continue fishing local tournaments next year. There is a new series put on by Team Bass Xtreme next year that will be a one on one tournament. That works well for me as I have a hard time getting somebody to commit to a whole series. Mizike works 2 weekends a month and Gene doesn't like paying to fish in tournaments. I can fish these without worrying about anybody but myself.

I am also looking at joining a bass club in the Columbus area. I had been in contact with a person in one club but have not been able to contact them for a couple months. They might not need any new members or he has just been really busy. I really want in a club so I filled out a form on the B.A.S.S. website and was contacted by somebody with e-mail addresses for a few clubs around Columbus that are B.A.S.S. affiliated. I am going to send them e-mails and see if I get any responses back. I think the experience gained by fishing with other people would be invaluable, plus I would like to a chance to fish the Federation. I am still a little confused on how the circuit works but by joining a club I might get the information I would need. The FLW is a little more clear cut on how to work your way up.

I would love to be able to make a living fishing. This year I have been looking at our finances and coming up with a plan that would allow me to leave the working world in pursuit of a fishing career. My wife is very supportive. The time that seems the best at this point is when my kids both start school. If I am able to pay down all of our debt besides the house as well as build a decent savings my wife would be able to cover the living expenses and keep us at our current standard of living. I wouldn't consider it if those conditions didn't work out. Four years will also give added experience on and off the water.

Whether I end up fishing as a career or not, I had already been working on getting our debt on track. Shortly after my first son was born I developed a 5 year plan to have all debt besides mortgage paid off. The plan has taken a couple hits but for the most part is still on track. We have been able to clear some college debt out as well as some credit card debt. That has allowed us to start saving to buy things instead of relying on credit.

I am anxious for the time I will not have that debt but I am not in a hurry. Time goes fast enough on it's own. That time will come and I might or might not have the opportunity to fish professionaly. For now I will enjoy the local tournaments and fishing when I can make it out.

With all of the cold weather we have been having I thought about winterizing the boat and waiting until next year to continue fishing. I took a couple weeks off without fishing since the Kentucky trip and have realized there is no way I can wait until next year. I am going to try to make it out this weekend. Maybe the Sunday morning tournament at Deer Creek is still going on. If it is I will fish it. If not, I love fall bass fishing, so I will go out anyway. The lakes are pretty much left to the fishermen this time of year.

I told my wife last spring that this winter I will start working on projects around the house when I cannot make it outside. She took this last weeks weather as it is winter and she wants me to start on the projects this weekend. I still think it's fishing season. I have put things off long enough. I guess I will paint the kitchen Saturday as long as I can still get out Sunday to fish.

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