Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dean's Wedding and Parents Visit

I made it back to Kansas last week for my friend Dean's wedding. I felt a little out of place going back to my old stomping grounds I had not been to in the last 12 years. Amazingly, very little has changed. The things that did change were probably for the betterment of the town. If betterment is a word.

I recognized a few guys we had hung around with but most did not make it back. I thought my freshman roomate would make it to the wedding. He had other obligations with his wife's family and was not able to. I did meet with his Mother and her boyfriend for a couple hours during the reception.

The rest of the evening I felt out of place. I went alone and did not know anyone besides Dean's family and his friends in the wedding party. After several rum and coke's I started talking with a few more people and ended up having a great night.

Shawn, Dean's roomate for a few years and I talked quite a bit. He invited me back next spring for some walleye fishing. I will probably take him up on that. He has a nice brand new Ranger and know's the lakes around there pretty well. Dean and his father said they would be able to do a weekend so now all I have to do is plan it later this winter.

On a different subject, Mizike crushed a deer 2 nights ago on his way home from a bar. Luckily he doesn't drink and drive. He was out with his fiance watching a band from the Kansas City area that she knew. On the way home the GPS said to go down Broad Street. He didn't want to go through that area since it isn't Columbus's best so he went down to I-270 and would bring that back. Turned out that his gamble didn't pay off. The deer broke out the driver's side headlight and crunched in the whole drivers side of the car. It even took out the whole back door handle. His car was able to make it home but had to be towed from there since his new tire's he just bought last week were rubbing on the wheel well. He has a 1000.00 deductible so he is understandably upset.

That is 2 deer for the household this year. Maybe we should take up hunting instead of fishing.

My boat is still ready since I didn't know if Dad and I would be able to make it out this week while him and Mom were up. It didn't work out since I didn't get to use the vacation that I requested. The person that was going to cover for me couldn't because his grandmother passed away Sunday night. I wish him and his family all the best.

The week hasn't turned out too well at work. I have put in late evenings all week and have barely seen my parents. I hope this isn't affecting their vacation.

I saw yesterday that FLW has added the schedule for next years BFL. I can register for it on Dec 9th I think. I don't have the yearly membership yet. I tried to get it last week but it only lasts through the end of this year. I'm not doing tournaments this year so I might have to wait until January 1st to register.

So I have the schedules for 2 of circuits next year. Now I just need the schedules for the club tournaments. So far there are not any conflicting schedules. I'm pretty worked up about next year.

I have been watching the weather for this weekend. It is supposed to be raining and chilly. I really need to get out on the lake again. I might just tough it out and go. Hopefully the duck hunters don't get me.

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