Friday, August 31, 2012

School Lunch Portions Too Small

I may be jumping the gun as it's only the 4th day of school here, but when your kindergarten student asks for you to save food from supper so he can eat it cold the next day at school because they don't serve enough food, I think there may be a problem.

My son doesn't eat a lot at home, most of the time, but he doesn't complain of hunger.  What is going on?  Then my high school aged nephew comes over and raids my freezer so he has something to eat with his school lunch saying that with the new Michelle Obama lunch program they are getting hardly anything to eat.

On spaghetti day, they measured out one small scoop of spaghetti, a small serving of lettuce and a half a piece of toast made out of regular bread.  The football team was fatigued and getting sick part way through practice.  I believe it.

As an honorable mention All American football player in high school I can relate.  I tried to gain weight and could not.  With weights in the morning, practice in the evening and all the running I could do in between I would eat 8 eggs for breakfast, 3 plates full of food for lunch and 4 heaping plates of spaghetti for supper.  The food would change daily but the serving sizes didn't.  I couldn't get over 160 pounds.  My matabolism was extreemly high.

Not all students are athletes, and most are probably not as active as I was, but the food amounts that my nephew explained to me would not get an average student through a day of studying.  For some students this may be the only meal they get each day. 

What will this do to our academic scores?  Will this stunt growth in young americans? 

I'm not about to find out.  My kindergarten son is complaining of being hungry at school so I will start packing his lunch.  He's far from obese.  He looks like a twig with a head.  As a parent I will make sure he gets the right nutrition and does not gorge himself on unhealthy foods.  That's part of being a responsible parent. 

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