Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Home of Home on the Range

This last weekend we took a trip to Northern Kansas to visit family.  We had great weather compared to the 115 degree days we had been having.  Saturday was only in the mid 80's. 

While we were up there we visited a cabin where the song "Home on the Range"  was written.  It was interesting to imagine living in that cabin with a gravel floor and that size of living arrangement.  The owners were also getting a trail set up along the creek that the cabin sets on.  We walked part of the trail before loading up the kids and going back to Grandma and Grandpa's. 

That afternoon as most of the family was napping a few of us snuck off to play a round of golf.  It was the first time in several years that I had been golfing.  I used to golf all the time.  When we had kids, I pretty much quit playing.  I had a few bad swings, but was amazed at how well I could still hit the ball.  Setting the ball on the green from 150 yards seems impossible when you haven't played in forever, and yet I did that a few times.  I just couldn't get it on there from 3 feet away!

On Sunday we visited the Lutheran church we were married in.  It is a little church in the country about 15 miles from any towns.  Everybody there invited us to stay for breakfast afterwards and we stayed and ate and talked for about an hour after the service.

We dropped the kids off on the way back.  They are staying with my parents this week.  They stayed there last week as well.  This will be a trip they remember.  My youngest son doesn't want to come home.

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