Friday, August 7, 2009

Upcoming trips

It's Friday. Two more days and Gene, Mizike and I will be heading to lake Erie for a trip out on the headboat to fish for walleye. We are stocked up on worms and harnesses from out last trip out this spring. We only caught 3 walleye that trip. We had a cold front come through and the bite turned off. I luckily caught 2 before that happened.

I have been going at least once a year with Gene for the last 5 years. It has become kind of a tradition. We had each gotten different jobs this last year so our schedules do not work out quite as well as working together. I have reserved the evening outing from 3 PM - 10 PM on Sunday. We will take off from home about 10 AM and drive there Sunday. Once we are done fishing Mizike can drive us back since he has to work 3rd shift this week. Gene and I can sleep so we can get up the next day.

It will be close to 2 or 3 in the morning before we get home. If there's something to be tired at work for it is fishing.

I ordered some new fishing tackle the other day. I keep thinking I should have enough but it seems that I keep needing more. I have 2 full tackle bags and 1 tackle box along with a seperate bag for my rubber baits. I keep asking myself if I need it all but each time I am out at the lake I find that I need just a small change on something. I need to run a little deeper or a little shallower, or a slight change in color.

The main reason I bought new tackle was because I am 1 berkley crazy legs chigger craw away from running out of a hot pattern for this summer. I ordered 3 bags to stock me back up. I also ordered 3 bags of 5" senko's. I keep hearing how good they are but have yet to try them. I am also getting 3 bags of 5" skirted double tail creature baits, 1 package of baby hogs, and 8 bags of smallie beaver's.

I am pretty excited to try some of these out.

Next weekend I am scheduling a camping trip to Indian Lake. It will give me some different experience for bass fishing. It has a lot of boat docks and rocky banks along with channels. It is a shallow lake and only has one area that has much depth to it. From what I have seen on tournament results it has a little larger fish than some of the other lakes I am fishing.

I am still working on our vacation for September. It will be at Kentucky Lake I just haven't set the dates yet. I am really excited. I just watched the FLW Kentucky Lake tournament last night. I love DVR. That's the only way I can ever watch fishing. The size of the fish that come out of there are huge. I am happy with a 2 1/2 pounder but the opportunity to see 4's and 5's is amazing. A whole week at the lake will be great too. It looks like a beautiful lake too. The closer September gets the more anxious I will be too.

My 3 year old loves to fish and camp. He will love being out there with just us and getting to fish every day. My 1 year old will have fun too.

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