Monday, August 17, 2009

Deer Creek Tournament

After all the sun I had on Saturday there was no way I was going fishing on Sunday. I went to bed Saturday night with plans of sleeping in on Sunday then watching t.v. all day while I rehydrated.

In the middle of the night I heard a noise like the front door opening. I asked my wife if she heard it but she was out of bed. I assumed that it was her and went back to sleep. She woke me up and asked if I was going to the tournament in the morning. I told her no and put my head under a pillow. She said that Gene was downstairs sleeping on the couch. I told her I still was not feeling well from the dehydration and wasn't going to go.

She went downstairs to tell Gene and by the time she got back upstairs I was fully awake. I told her that I might as well go fishing since I was awake and feeling a little better.

I was concerned being able to find the fish when we got to the lake. I had not had any luck the day before but didn't get to fish much either. Gene had talked to a guy the night before that told him a good spot so we headed there first. Gene was fishing with a suspending crank and I fished with a craw. He caught a keeper withing the first 15 minutes fishing a fallen tree. I caught a small fish casting a spinner next to a rock bank.

We fished the main lake at the start of the tournament. Then once the boats came out and started making the water rough we headed to the no wake areas.

Late in the day as the sun was beating down on us I decided to try some back water areas. I put the trolling motor on 24 volt, high speed and headed down the shoreline. We casted spinners and crankbaits at the bank. We were trying to find active fish. I started to see bass rising to the surface around us on a flat that was only 2 feet deep. I cast past one of the rises and reeled to where the bass had risen and as it reached there the fish hit. It was about 50 foot from the boat and the bass was airborn several times before I finally got it in. It was a keeper.

We worked the area a little longer then cruised on trying to find some more active fish. One of the boats had saw me catch one and pulled up to the rock bank we were working toward. We worked back the other way until the tournament ended without any more luck. At the weigh in we found out the boat that had stopped at the rock bank had caught a 3 pounder for big bass at that spot.

We weighed in our 2 fish. They went 1.96 pounds. I felt like we had a pretty successful tournament. Even though we did not win I felt like we had a good day. We caught 3 bass and did not miss any of our bites. There are a couple things I would do different. I would work more areas and I would have fished more rubber baits. I also would have worked the area we caught the last fish with a few more baits to see if I could get another fish out of that area. There were several fish working the surface along that bank.

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