Thursday, January 10, 2013

Epic Bachelor Party Epic Prank

It looks as if most of the party will have budget constraints so we have narrowed down the scope some.  We will try to stay close.  Pending approval of the Bachelor we are looking at renting a houseboat for the weekend.  With several of us chipping in together it is fairly reasonable. 

We found a place that rents them out during the off season like a hotel.  You are stuck on the dock but that's ok with us.  We can still fish and have fun.  We will be outdoors.  I can take my boat so we can go out on the lake if anyone wants to.

We didn't get much other than that planned as one of us didn't make it down to OKC last time.   Since the bachelor doesn't drink we are thinking of having a nice dinner out one night.  The rest of the weekend, LOOK OUT!  The rest of us are going to drink a little.

I like the idea of the heated dock mentioned in the comments on the last post.  If the bachelor isn't up for something like that, I will probably talk to a couple buddies and see about doing that some other time.

To make things epic, I am thinking we will need an epic prank.  I'm drawing a blank on this one.  If anybody has any ideas for an epic prank that will not scar him mentally or physically I'd love to hear them.  If it will only hurt a little, I guess you can throw those in too.  More than one prank has to be more epic!


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