Friday, December 14, 2012

Epic Bachelor Party Ideas

My friend is getting married next spring and my other friend and I are in charge of planning the bachelor party.  Tonight I am driving down to Oklahoma City to come up with a date and ideas for the bachelor party. 

This will be one of the last of my close friends to get married, for the first time, so we are wanting to do something epic.  We are going to try to plan a long weekend trip.

My friend doesn't drink so a 3 day bender is out of the question.

We are thinking that a trip somewhere to do something is what is in order.  But what, and where?

The few ideas we have tossed around so far is driving down to the Gulf in Texas and get a charter to go fishing.  Most of us love to fish and none of us have been fishing in the Ocean.  It will be warmer there in February/March.

We are also considered going to colorado and renting a cabin or condo to go skiing.  We would prefer to go fly fishing but at that time of the year it will be more sensable to go skiing.

There is also an option to get a cabin closer to us, but at that time of year there is not much that I can think of for us to do.  A couple years ago we rented a cabin and a boat at Lake of the Ozarks and had a great time boating and swimming.  This will be a little early in the year for that.  We are looking at doing something that will be as appealing as that was.

Vegas is a traditional big bachelor party experience, and I know several of us want to go there anyway, but the cost may be too high for some of our friends.  We could see about staying at a closer hotel and casino in Oklahoma or Kansas.

The three of us will be together this weekend.  We seem to always come up with new and exciting ideas when we are together.  Who knows when or where we will end up.  I guarantee you, it will be epic.

If you can think of any epic bachelor party ideas leave a comment. 


  1. grab the beer and some stakes then got the babe and its over these three things you need for a Bachelor party

  2. Lake of the Ozarks and rent a heated fiishing dock. It's like ice fishing but with a bigger hole and no ice. I'd add a keg of good brew and steaks for the grill. I dought that anyone wakes up on a Russia troller wearing pink panties but a party is what you make it. Good Luck!

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