Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three Weeks Without Kids

The next three weeks will be a change of pace. Christina dropped off the kids at her sisters in Missouri. They will spend the week with her sister Charity. Then they will be shipped to Kansas to spend a week with my parents. For the last week they will be spending time With Cherish and Todd and their 8 cousins.

Christina said that Leo was pretty much pushing her out the door on Sunday. He kept saying, "Are you leaving yet Mom." He was ready to get his vacation started. He was even sick running a 100 degree temperature.

Christina returned Sunday evening and we relaxed and watched some T.V. I was hurting from Saturday. I drank 5 bottles of propel out on the water but somehow still got dehydrated. I was cramping up Saturday evening and night and by Sunday my legs felt like they had went through a meat tenderizer.

Last night we started out the week without the kids right. Christina's work had bought a section of tickets for the Columbus Clippers Minor League Baseball game for Dime a Dog night. Once we arrived at the ballpark we stood in line for 10 dogs and then went to find a beer stand that I had heard had happy hour until 7:00 with 2.00 beers. They didn't have the happy hour so I had to get a beer for 8.00. Then we made our way back to the seats in time for the game to start.

It was my first baseball game other than kids games. At first the crowd did not seem to into the game. Everybody was pretty quiet. As the game went on the Mascot seemed to get the crowd fired up. He was on our side of the field and got the wave started. It took about 7 or 8 tries to get it to circle the field.

The clippers started off good and finished strong for a win. I enjoyed the game but also enjoyed everything else about being at the field. A few rows down a few guys bought hotdogs and had a hotdog eating contest. Baseball is a lot more fun live.

In the next few weeks we have a lot of things we would like to do. A few more dates are in order as well as some house work.

I also listed my boat for sale on craigslist. I would like to sell it and purchase a bass boat so I can take my tournament fishing to another level. I like being a co-angler and will still continue to be co-angler in some events.

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