Friday, January 29, 2010

Berkley 10" Original Powerbait Worm

I have a few favorite lures for bass fishing. Each year I add several favorites to my arsenol. Last year was no different. I started to realize what a difference larger baits have in catching larger bass while I was on my trip to Kentucky lake. During a rainy day there we traveled to Nashville and ended up in the bass pro shop. I picked up some Berkley Powerbait Original 10" Power Worms in the red shad color.

The next day I was trying them out. I was off a secondary point where I saw a ton of bass surfacing. I started out catching them on top water but the bite was still slow so I started using a spinner bait. The bite picked up. Then I tied on one of the Power Worms. On the first cast I had a bass on. The rest of my time spent on that point was a blast. I wore out almost the whole pack of worms catching bass, and I was using each worm until it fell off the hook since I only had the one pack. I had it Texas rigged with a 3/8 oz black bullet weight and would drag it on the bottom for a bit then lift the rod tip. As the worm came off the bottom the bass would hit it almost every time. The bass were mostly 13-14 inches which gives me a lot of hope for catching 12"+ bass here.

I tried the worm out in several parts of the lake and continued to have success with it even in spots where my other go to baits were not working.

I know these have been around for a long time but I hadn't ever tried them because I thought they were made for huge fish. With a 12" length limit around here and a lot of the bass being just around that size I didn't want to miss an opportunity to fill my limit. Now I realize that I may have missed that opportunity by not giving them a try.

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