Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Happenings

There was quite a bit that happened this weekend so I will try to fit it all in here.

Friday evening I had plans to take my wife out for our anniversary. Mizike and his girlfriend were going to watch the kids. I got home and Mizike and Kimber were gone. They had went to watch Wolverine before we got home and were still out. My wife got home about 15 minutes after me. It was downpouring with a good lightning show so we got a beer and sat out on the porch with the kids watching it.

Mizike and his girlfriend got home shortly after that. We were still sitting on the porch and the tornado sirens go off. Me and Mizike jump off the porch and run out to the street to see if we can see anything. The girls take the kids inside and turn on the t.v. We didn't see anything that looked like tornadic clouds so we headed back inside to look at the t.v. The storm was already 20 miles past us.

We left to go eat at Red Lobster but as we pulled up to it there was a line of people outside in the rain and the parking lot was packed so we went to find some other place. We ended up in West Jefferson and ate at a little italian place there called Ann and Tony's. It was very good food, had a great atmosphere and was reasonably priced. As we were paying my wife saw a willowleaf decoration she wanted. It said anniversary on it so I bought it for her.

We headed back to Columbus to see Wolverine at the Theatre. On the way I got a craving for a Mocha. I didn't want to go to Starbucks, I'm not their biggest fan so we decided to try Carribou coffee. They had a Campfire Mocha that had chocolate and marshmallows and tasted kind of like smore's. That definately hit the spot.

Next, we headed to the Lennox to see the movie. They had a movie starting in about 5 minutes and another that started in about 20 minutes. We chose the 5 minutes. We got into the theatre and it was packed. We found the only spot that both of us could sit together. It was right at the very front. I remember being a kid and always wanting to sit at the very front. It ended up not being too bad. I was looking up a lot but could see the whole screen pretty well. The movie was awesome. I have been a collector of x-men comic books for years and the movies have been really good about adding to or following the story line.

Saturday I got up and went to a few garage sales to see if I could find some bargains. Every one I hit was way over priced. I only got a couple things for my son and a cookbook that looked like it had some really unique recipes in it.

After garage sale shopping I mowed the yard then I went to the marine to pick up the Nitro and drop off the Pontoon. I got back home a couple hours later and took a short 20 minute nap and watched Marlee and Me. It was a good movie but seemed to drag on at the end. It also reminded me a lot of my life and our last dog Malcom a Great Dane. I drove to Indian lake after the movie and hung out with a friend there celebrating his birthday. We had a couple too many shots but overall had a good time. We were in a bar that at 2:30 in the morning cooked us up some Ribeye and eggs for around $7.00. It was awesome.

I slept in the car at the lake. The next morning I got up about 10 and headed back to Columbus. I played a little pokerstars when I got back. I played a dollar game and doubled my money. My wife and son's got home from church around 12:30. I still had the boat hooked up so we headed to O'shaghnessy lake to do a little scouting for this weeks tournament.

The water was chocolate brown and had all kinds of branches and trash floating in it from all the rain we have been getting. I used a chartreuse lure and could only see it withing 2 inches of the surface of the water. I found some nice looking fishing spots but only had 1 bite all evening. I don't think it was a bass though.

I hope the water clears up a lot before Thursday. We are supposed to get another storm between now and then. There was a log in the launch area. All of the boats were pushing it out of the way with their oar. Then when they would get by it would float back in the way. I grabbed it and drug it onto the shore. It was actually about a 15 foot tree. The people lauching their boat behind me thanked me for getting it out.

The Nitro ran good. I had to dodge a lot of debree but was able to open it up on the southern end of the lake. It felt good to be fishing out of it after all of the trouble I've had so far this year with getting to the lake.

Last night we got home and barbecued some steaks and potatoes, and had some corn on the cob. It made a good end to the already good weekend.

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