Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TNT # 3 and last weekend

I was going to try to fish Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week. It sounded like a great plan but like all plans things changed. Wednesday night was raining and cold.

Thursday ended up being a good day. We had a Southwest wind that blew some warm air in. Mizike had to work but me and an alternate fished the TNT series #3 event at Alum Creek. We started out rocketing across the lake to the North side. We found a cove just past the no wake zone on the Western part of the lake. There were some cattails in the water and a lot of grass and structure. We fished the cattails and moved out towards the mouth of the cove. I picked up my first bass on a blue and green double willow blade spinnerbait. It was about 11 inches so I returned it to the lake.

We went around the point into the second cove. We fished the southern bank all the way to the back of the cove. We fished the shallow areas of the cove without luck. I tied on a shakey head jig with a brown 6" curltail worm and worked the structure on the way back out of the cove. I was shaking the jig in about 5 foot of water reeling it toward the boat when I got a strong strike. I got it in and it was 1.98 lbs. I put it in the livewell.

Our alternate had another 1.5 lber on but lost it while he was watching another boat land a Musky. I had a few more bites on the shakey head. Most were right at the shore line in small clumps of grass. They were probably on their beds becuase they were not hitting the bait just nipping at it. I went back over the spots a few times but could not get them to take the bait after the initial hit.

We finally were able to weigh in at the end of the tournament. That felt a lot better than not bringing anything to the scales.

Friday was a perfect day. No wind, blue bird skies, and warm. I decided to wait to fish until Saturday so Mizike could go out too. I ended up going to garage sales and picking some toys out for the kids. That evening we picked up some Margarita mix and Tequilla and drank Margarita's on the deck all evening.

Saturday Mizike did not get up until about 1:00. We go to the lake about 2:00. We fished for bass for about an hour then Mizike seemed to be getting bored with it. He asked to go after some crappie. I took him to my secret crappie spot. I caught 5 keepers and quite a few smaller fish. He got bored with that since he was not catching a lot so I decided to head back to the ramp. We had been rained on quite a bit and it looked like another round was getting ready to come through anyway. On my last cast with my crappie jig I had a huge bite and it was heading straight to the laid down tree. I pulled hard to keep it out of the tree but right as it reached the first branch my line snapped and I saw the large bass that had engulfed my crappie jig.

We made it back home by 7:00 so it was a pretty short day of fishing. We ended up going to the comedy club to watch a hypnotist by the name of Medicine hat. It was funny and we had way too many rum and cokes.

Sunday I layed on the couch all day suffering from the way to many rum and cokes. I was able to clear a lot of shows off the dvr. I watched 8 episodes of Chuck and 6 episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

I was back to work on Monday. Friday I leave for Kansas again for my 1 year old's first birthday and his baptism. He is going to stay with his Grandmother for a week while I take my older son to the lake with his other Grandparents for a week. We will be camping and fishing Milford lake. It is a good fishery for Kansas. My parents drive across the state to take their vacation there. I am excited to have a full week to camp and fish. I miss my older son and am ready to see him. He has been gone over a week now as we left him with his cousins our last trip back.

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