Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 Resolution - Get Outdoors

It's time to get serious about my 2014 fishing season.  There's several things that need to start happening.  1st - I need to get out fishing and catch the first fish of 2014.  Dad has the honors the last few years.  I need to get my fishing license now so I can sneak out on the 1st day and bag me a fish before he does.  2nd - I need to get registered for the 2014 Okie BFL as a co-angler.  3rd - I need to start getting my tackle organized and equipment ready for the new year.

I was pretty close to registering for the Everstart Central Division, but the cost of travel and lodging and entry fees is a little more than I can swing right now.  Instead I may try to get in the 1st one at Grand Lake and see what to do from there.  Maybe I'll place and pay for the other 2 events.

This blog may start getting some life back in it in 2014.

This fall and winter I have been outdoors more than I was all summer.  It may have only been a few weekends but I have made it out pheasant hunting with the boys a couple of times.  There are not a lot of birds in Northwest Kansas yet, but they are making a comeback from the last few years of drought and the floods before that.

I have bought a few guns here recently as well.  I have added a 12 gauge pump Remington, a single shot 12 gauge H&R, and a .223 bolt action rifle.  I have also picked up my .22 rifle from my parents.  I took the .223 out to sight it in.  It's a lot of fun.  The .22 is still the most accurate gun I have ever shot.  We were shooting at 200 yards and I centered a target in 3 shots.  I had to aim high due to the distance but once I got the height down it hit right in the center of the target.  I love that gun. 

I just got the 12 gauge single shot for 90.00.  It's in nice condition for that price.  I shot it twice to see how well I liked the modified choke.  I'm going to love it!  I better hit every bird I shoot at though because this thing kicks like a furious mule.  After 2 shots my shoulder is bruised.  I will be looking for a rubber stock bump. 

On New Years Day I am going to hit the lakes around OKC.  I will be down there celebrating the coming of the new year.  There's a few options in the immediate vicinity.  This is going to be my year.  It may hurt that Dad has purchased a gas powered auger and a vexilar for ice fishing.  He may get tricky and go out at sun up New Years Day.  I hope he has to work!

There's a lot to celebrate with the coming of 2014.  My resolution is to make it outdoors a lot more this year.  I took a year off to spend time at home with my baby girl.  I have done that.  Now it's time to get back to my other love.

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  1. I didn't make it out fishing in OKC. I got online to purchase my fishing license on the 31st and they were still for 2013, so no fishing for me. Dad didn't make it out either. We're both working the rest of the week so the race is still on.