Monday, May 13, 2013

Large Crappie at Waconda Lake

Friday Morning:  I have a little bit left to do at work, then it's off to watch my oldest son's track meet.  After that, hook up the camper and get on the road to go camping. 

Halt everything.  Nothing goes right and I'm stuck at work until 8:00 at night.  Not the early departure I was looking forward to.  By the time I got the camper hooked up, and everything else loaded, it was too late to think about driving 4 hours to the lake. 

After a going back and forth in my head on whether it was still worth making the drive, we went to bed early and got up at 5:00 the next morning to head out.

It was windy by the time we arrived at the lake and started setting up camp.  I was uncomfortable being on the downwind side of the camper for fear of it falling over on me.  Camp was set up in short order.  I love the new pop up.  I can set it up by myself in no time.

After lunch we headed out to fish some.  I caught a walleye and Mom caught a crappie, but that's all we could catch.  We saw a lot of people cleaning a lot of fish so we new they were eating, just not sure where. 

Dad and Mom had been fishing deep for crappie and had gotten a few.  From my previous experience I thought they would be shallow if they were spawning.  On Sunday, I got the chance to test my theory as the anchor wouldn't hold us out deep fishing for walleye any longer.  Mom had caught a 22 incher.  We went into a cove that looked perfect.  Sand banks with lots of trees in the water and grass in the water at the shoreline.  If I was a fish, this is where I would be.  I got about 5 casts before Dad decided he needed to find a restroom.

Afterwards he was about to take off to somewhere else but I told him that I had saw a couple crappie caught while I was doing my 5 casts.  That boat was leaving so we pulled into that spot.  He hooked into 1 pretty quickly.  Then another.  We got a couple doubles.  Mom was getting some as well.  We ended up catching 13 crappie between 14-16 inches, before we had to leave to go back to camp.

It seemed like a really fast weekend, but my head feels refreshed after I spent some time at the lake so it was worth driving 4 hours to camp for 1 night.

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