Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Day of Red River Regional

It was a long drive down to Louisiana but it I have been having a fun trip.  I drove close to Dallas after leaving Oklahoma city.  It is one of my top 3 worst cities I have ever driven in, New York being first, and Chicago second. 

I didn't even make it into Dallas so it could move up the list. 

Besides Dallas the rest of the ride went pretty smooth.  Once I got into Louisiana I realized I was about out of gas.  That headwind was draining the gas.  I drove for about an hour before I found a gas station.  It was a really neat General Store that had an amazing food section.  There was so much food piled up in the glass case.  I filled up and realized I had really pushed it to the limit this time.

Once I got to Nachitoches, I located the Events Center and Registered for the tournament.  Then I came back to check into the hotel before going back to the meeting.

This morning I got up and the wind had died.  It was dead calm and warmer than I thought it would be. 

We fished hard all day and I caught a lot of bass.  Too bad most of them were slightly short.  I ended up with 3 12" keepers that weighed a whopping 3 pounds even.  One of them coughed up a couple oz. shad in the livewell. 

Most of the competition caught 4 or 5 keepers, big fish were hard to come by today so I am not too far back even though I am in 106th place.  I will still need a big stringer tomorrow to get in the money cut.

I think we figured some things out at the end of the day that should help me tomorrow.  I have a little reorganizing to do then I'm going to bed. 


  1. We have the same Cities I hate to drive in list. Nachitoches is a beautiful place. Good Luck!

  2. Nachitoches is a beautiful place. I want to go back and spend some time there with my wife sometime.