Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekly Catch Up 5.21.12

Leo's soccer season is over.  It's actually been over for a couple weeks now.  His team finished 2nd in the league out of 5 teams.  In the championship they made it to the final quarter then the other team scored twice.  After the second goal Leo got upset as he realized they were not going to win and were not going to be having the pizza party that you get for winning.

All of a sudden he got a look on his face and started running at the kids from the other team.  His Waterboy expression cause me to yell loudly at him to stop.  He stopped right before getting to the other kids.  I pulled him out of the game and told him that sports are for fun and competition but he should never take it so seriously that he would want to hit another person because he is losing. 

Fishing wise I have been a few times since my last post.  On the first trip a guy from town asked if I would like to go to Canton lake with him.  I jumped on the opportunity.  We got up early and headed for the lake.  It was windy and chilly at first.  We got out and had a good day anyway and I caught a 5 pound walleye right away.  I caught another 3 pound walleye and some shorts throughout the rest of the day.  Later in the day the wind went down a little and we decided to try for some crappie on the dam.  The white bass were spawning so we got into them pretty well.  I also had 1 nice crappie on but lost it.  Our freezer is now full of fish.

The next fishing trip was my 3rd Okie Division BFL at Fort Gibson lake.  I finished 25th and moved to 35th in points overall.  My boater finished 3rd and was putting on a clinic.  He must have caught 20 keepers throughout the day.  It was a great day of fishing.  The lake was great but the trip overall was purely crazy.  It deserves a post of its own.

This weekend we drove to my parents 5 hours away to pick up a couch that did not fit in their new living room.  While we were there we drove to one of their close lakes that my Aunt and Uncle were camping to fish and eat hot dogs cooked over the fire.  I caught several bass.  None of them were very large.

This next weekend I will be going back north to take Dad's pickup and trailer back.  We will stay and camp with my parents for the weekend at Glen Elder.  It has some fantastic crappie and walleye fishing this time of year.

Our New Couch

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