Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekly Catch Up 4.17.12

The last week as usual has been pretty hectic.  Gavin fell and fractured his wrist on Monday last week.  We play volleyball on Monday evenings so we took him to volleyball and he seemed o.k.  He was holding it a lot but I thought maybe it was not broken.  When we went to bed he was in pain again so we decided to take him in to have it checked out on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning he woke up and said, "Dad, we need to go to the hospital, it still hurts." 

We had it checked out at the clinic here in town.  They said they were pretty sure it was fractured but wanted to have a specialist look at it since it was close to the growth plate. 

Wednesday they had an appointment scheduled in Wichita for us.  I pulled Leo out of school and took him with us.  They made the same read as the clinic had done here, so they put a cast on him and said it will be on for 3 weeks. 

This weekend we had some severe weather in this part of the country so we stayed home.  I drove around looking for any tornado's that might drop nearby.  There were several that touched down around here.  All I saw were very turbulant wall clouds.  The storms were too crazy for me to be chasing.  There was lots of hail and storm after storm moving through the same area's.  I didn't want to get stuck between them.  I got in behind one and followed for about 20 miles and about couldn't get back to town as another about beat me back.

Several times the big red cell on the radar passed within a mile or two of town.  The scariest was in the middle of the night after we had lost power.  I checked my cell phone and another line of storms had built and was coming at us.  It became tornado warned and was heading straight for us.  A few miles before it got to us the warning was lifted, and you could see it dissapate on the radar screen.

We were one of the only fortunate towns around that did not have to sound our sirens, although there was one time that we should have. 

Leo had his first soccer game of the year on Saturday.  He played well.  I saw a couple of things we need to work with him on.  For the most part he played a solid game and was into the game almost the whole time.  He's really developing as a soccer player.  It's too bad the season here is so short.  He really enjoys it.  While we were playing volleyball last night he was kicking a ball.  Hopefully he enjoys T-ball as much this summer.  After that it's on to swimming. 

My fishing is taking a back seat to all of this.  It will take even more time as the boys get older and the sports seasons get longer.  I'm just glad I'm around to get to watch them do everything.  We will always find time to fish and it will be that much more enjoyable when we do.

Friday Evening we got out some wood and started to make a fort.  It turned into a candy stand near the road.

This was one of the early forts before it was modified several times.

The boys got haircuts after getting Gavin's cast.

Gavin's cast

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