Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Wow, it's been forever since I have posted. I have been really busy with work and traveling for fun and fishing. I have also been playing a lot of online poker as that will be my hobby over the winter while I will not be fishing.

The weekend after the clear fork tournament Christina and I traveled back to Kansas City for Mizike and Kimber's wedding. I was the best man and the wedding turned out great. Except for black tuxes with black shirts in 104 degree heat with a limo that had no A/C taking pictures outdoors all day then an outdoor wedding. I'm not going to complain about that though. The wedding was really cool. They had it in the rose garden in Kansas City and afterwards had the reception and dance at the 4 diamond Hotel Phillips in downtown Kansas City. Kansas City is also a lot more architectural than I thought it would be. There is a lot to see and do in the inner city. I thought it was a lot dirtier and ran down. They must have done a lot to clean it up. I wouldn't mind spending a week there.

It was pretty neat spending the weekend downtown, using cabs or limo's to get around and vallet to park our vehicle. We had a bar downstairs and our rooms were right there while we were at the reception. It was a nice little vacation from reality.

We picked up Leo and Gavin on Sunday after not seeing them for 3 weeks. I think I changed in that 3 weeks. I felt like I had to start being Dad all over again. They had fun back in Kansas. They spent the 1st week with Charity and Kelly's with Bella and David. The second week they spent with my parents and the third week they spent with Cherish and Todd and their 8 cousins. They traveled from Ohio to Eastern Missouri to South Central Kansas to Southwest Kansas and back to Ohio.

They came back with all kinds of stories and memories and Leo even had a black tipped nose from all the scratches caused by running into a tree on a bike.

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