Friday, July 31, 2009

Similarities between Ohio and Forrest Wood Cup

I haven't been fishing since last Sunday. I needed my Thursday evening fix. We were so close last Sunday and I would have liked to get out yesterday evening to hone in on the bass some more and work on getting them into the boat. My wife has year end at her work though and has been putting in crazy hours this week. She has been working until close to midnight before coming home so I have been staying home with the boys. If my youngest was a little older and would pay attention to me they would have been out in the boat with me.

The bad thing about that is I don't get much fishing done. My oldest likes to change lures as much as Mike Iconelli. I guess I could teach him to tie his line before learning how to tie his shoes. He would pay attention to that. He doesn't like to learn if it's not something he is interested in. If I relate something to fishing he pays attention.

It was still a good evening. I was able to watch part of the live weigh in at the FLW Forrest Wood Cup. It looks like Pittsburg fishes a lot like the lakes around central ohio. It will be good to watch this one to see how the pros handle this type of water.

So far from the interviews with them they are going to smaller tackle for the smaller bass as there are not that many large fish in there. A 3 pounder is huge there. They are fishing several methods from finessing to burning a spinnerbait or topwater. One thing that seems to be working well for all the top finishers after day one is green rubber. They are also catching all of the fish along the banks. Sometimes out to 10 feet deep.

The top few anglers have found spots where the bass are loaded and will chase the bait to the boat even after the other fish have been hooked. That is good fishing.

For the most part the tournament is tough but it is nice to see the pro's fish the waters that a lot of us are used to fishing. You can't get to Hawg water all the time.

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